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Toolstar TestLX

Service Solutions Starter Package for IT Partner

Toolstar TESTLX

SAVE your time for more important and let Toolstar® TestLX do the work for you

Toolstar® TestLX ensures always, also remote your high Quality of Service.

Benefits and Value to your Business:

Unlimited use of IT diagnostic, full automated for your high quality customer service & repair of IT

Toolstar*TestLX supports also Remote diagnostic

Unlimited use of secure IT wiping on international wiping standards with Certificate after wiping

Toolstar products have unlimited use during the 1 Year license term

Save your Time for more important and use Toolstar automated operation

Save Money and improve your profitability with Toolstar products

Standardize your Service and document your high Quality you deliver to your customers

Toolstar operates PC Hardware Vendor independent and is ideal for your repair services or warranty cases

Enhance your offer with secure wiping services including certificate of tablets and smartphones (for Android and IOS) with our Blackbelt Software

Show your competence as a Company with your Logo on each wiping certificate or diagnose report


1x Toolstar® TestLX incl. ShredderLX (Offline usable)
1x Toolstar® TestLX incl. Shredder (Online wireless usable)
1x Toolstar® TestLX (Offline usable)
3x Toolstar® TestLX (Online wireless usable)
1x Toolstar® ShredderLX ( Offline usable)
1 x Toolstar® ShredderLX (Online wireless usable)
1x Blackbelt® DataWipe 200use (Online usable) Android/iOS for tablets & smartphones