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Toolstar Shredder

Solution Starter Package for Recycler Services


Toolstar® ShredderLX secure wiping with certificate for HDD´s and SSD´s

Toolstar® TestLX guarantees your quality standard in your supply chain

Your Brand is Important! Show your logo on all certificates and reports.

Blackbelt® DataWipe you can offer secured mobile devise wiping of different models/vendors.

Benefits and Value to your Business:

Unlimited use of secure IT wiping on international wiping standards with Certificate after wiping

Toolstar products have unlimited use during the 1 Year license term

Up to 12 simultaneous operated secure wiping services possible

Secure Wiping of HDD and SSD

Toolstar*Shredder includes international major wiping routines with certificate after wiping

Custom fields and flexible settings enable your team to work customized

Save your Time for more important and use Toolstar automated operation

Secure wiping with certificate of tablets and smartphones ( Android and IOS ) with our Blackbelt Sotfware

Flexible operations possible because of free cloud and burn your own stick technology

Save Money and improve your profitability

Show your competence as a Company with your Logo on each wiping certificate


1x Toolstar® TestLX incl. ShredderLX (offline usable)

4x Toolstar® ShredderLX (offline usable)

7x Toolstar® ShredderLX (online wireless usable)

1x 200 use DataWipe for Mobile devices (Smartphone & tablets ,   Android/iOS)