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Our Top 3 Solutions for you:

Office 365

A great plan with 3 different options that will suit your business. Office 365 is a product that can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers give you access to full control of your virtual machines, no upfront costs, no single point of failure and high performance, scalability & security.

Toolstar® ShredderLX

Toolstar® Shredder is the best tool for unlimited use of secure IT wiping on international wiping standards and has unlimited use during the 1 Year license term

Amava Technologies is part of the Amava Group. Amava means “Experiences” and is an investment company that not only take cares of the business but takes cares of our people as well. The aim that sets the foundations for us to be the pioneers of true transformation in South Africa by taking a different approach and most importantly doing the right thing.

Our different range of products


Productivity products are the best way to get your work done and at the highest level possible.


Infrastructure will help with any online work and marketing.


Voice is the best option or solution for meetings around the world or even just a time saver from sitting in traffic.

Backup and DR

Safest option to never loose your work and always have access to it no matter where you are.

Security and Compliance

To protect your work and keep everything on record and safe from any unwanted visitors.

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